What makes Element unique?

Element is a new type of messaging app. You choose where your messages are stored, putting you in control of your data. It gives you access to the Matrix open network, so you can talk to anyone. Element provides a new level of security, adding cross-signed device verification to default end-to-end encryption.

For Web, Android, iOS, macOS, Windows & Linux

Own your chats

Choose where your data lives, so you own it.

Talk to anyone

Chat with friends on other Matrix apps.


End-to-end encryption with cross-signed device verification.

Group chat

From 1:1s and groups to huge public rooms.

Team collaboration

For easy secure sharing and organising on the fly.

Smart notifications

Keep up-to-date with customisable notifications.

Voice and video chat

Free unlimited voice, video and conferencing.

Open source

So you know exactly what you’re getting.

Verified end-to-end encryption.

The very best end-to-end encryption and Element’s unique cross-signed device verification means only those that should be in the conversation can read the messages - no eavesdroppers or imposters.

Own your messenger.

Choose where to keep your data and conversations so that you always have privacy, control, and the freedom to pick a specific country. Use a free public server, host with Element Matrix Services or other providers, or even run your own.

free MESSaging and collaboration

Host everything yourself

Choose any public server

Host it in any country or location


Finally, a secure chat app you can use for everyone.

Most important of all, Element is open; built on the Matrix network, it connects to all other Matrix-based apps as well as bridging into proprietary systems. You can stay in Element while talking to friends and family in other apps.

Element is open source.

You know exactly what you’re getting. Full transparency, the freedom to extend and customise with the support of a vibrant community of developers.